Photos:Guvnor Ace, 28-Yr-Old Ugandan Singer Who Married 68-Year-Old White Grandma Shows Off Mansion

Nov 2nd, 2015 – Pictures: Guvnor Ace, 28-Year-Old Ugandan Singer Who Married 68-Year-Old White Grandmother Shows Off Mansion

When this guy shared his wedding details on the social media few months ago, his mates and country folks were busy throwing insults at him but now he has something to show for it.

Meet Guvnor Ace, a budding Ugandan singer who recently dumped his girlfriend for a 68-year-old grandmother from Switzerland.

Guvnor who married his “ancestor” (as the media puts it) just shared these photos of his newly acquired mansion.

Check out it out.

Where is Granny staying in this huge mansion???

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