Photos: Kaduna Yogurt Seller Gets N3Million Cheque From A Child He Gave Free Yogurt Years Ago

yogurt seller gets N3million cheque

September 21, 2016 – Pictures: Man Selling Yogurt On Kaduna Street For 30 Years Gets 3 Million Naira Cheque From A Child He Gave Free Yogurt Several Years Ago

The man pictured above is an experienced hawker who has been selling Yogurt on the streets of Kaduna since 1986.

According to an eyewitness who shared these photos of FB, the kind man is fond of giving free yogurt to children and to his surprise a child he gave free yogurt to several years ago remembered him.

He reportedly gave him a N3million cheque to start another business recently.

His good deed has paid off. Let’s all remember to do good.