Photos: Meet Bayezid Hossain, 4-Year-Old Boy With The Body Of An Old Man

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July 29, 2016 – Pictures: Meet Bayezid Hossain, A 4-Year-Old Boy With The Body Of An81-Year Old Man

Meet Bayezid Hossain , a 4-year-old boy from Bangladesh with the body of an 81-year-old man.

Hossain who is currently living with his parents in Southern Bangladesh is battling a rare medical condition called Progeria and Cutis Laxa which made it very difficult for him to pass urine.

He is weak and already has broken teeth.

In his village, he is popularly referred to as Old man as many of his age mates often run away from him.

His devastated parents believed he may not live past the age of 15 due to his worsening health condition.

boy body elderly man