Photos: Nigeria Battles Fuel Scarcity, Arik Air Pilot Shuts Down Plane, Sends Passengers Out

fuel scarcity nigeria

May 24, 2015 – Pictures: Arik Air Pilot Turned Off Plane Engine , Sends Passengers Out As Nigeria Battles Fuel Scarcity

Few weeks after critics accused Petroleum minister Deizani of conspiring with top oil firms to steal several barrels of crude oil from Nigeria, the country has started expressing fuel scarcity.

Telecommunication network performance in Nigeria has dropped to zero as many of the top telecommunication service providers are battling fuel scarcity.

A Nigerian identified as Arit Okpo said a pilot turned off the airplane engine and sent all the passengers on board out after Arik Air announced fuel scarcity problem.

Check out photos uploaded by the Twitter user yesterday.

Corruption has hit all time high in this our dear country.  Lord have mercy on us!