Photos: Police Removed Chinese Hospital Addict By Force After 3 Years On Care Bed

chinese hospital addict

Feb 12, 2015 – Pictures: Police Removed Chinese Hospital Addict, Sick Patient By Force After 3 Years On Care Bed

Pictured above is a 55-year-old patient simply identified as Chen who got evicted from an hospital in Beijing 3 years after he refused to go home.

The alleged hospital addict was forcefully evicted this afternoon after the hospital staff reported the case to the appropriate authority.

Mr Chen was said to have been enjoying the nice treatment he’s receiving at the hospital. The case got out of hand today when nurses discovered that he had chained himself to the bed railings after the hospital discharged him.

After an eviction order from a Beijing court, Police officers stormed the hospital and forcefully removed the distressed man from the hospital after cutting off the chains he used to lock himself to the bed railings.

See more dramatic photos below

Hehehehe.. May be the man is trying to break Guinness world records.