Photos: Self Proclaimed “God Jehovah” Wanyonyi Is Dead, Lost Israelites Of Kenya Cult Leader Dies Of Malaria

Jehovah Wanyonyi  dead

Sept 10, 2015 – Pictures: Self Proclaimed God Jehovah Wanyonyi Is Dead,  Lost Israelites Of Kenya Cult Leader Dies Of Malaria Infection Days After Mosquito Bites Him At Home

A popular sect leader in Kenya, god Jehovah Wanyonyi has died.

The controversial sect leader who calls himself the living god of Kenya died at age 98 on the 18th of July on his way to a Nursing home in Kitale town.

Since his death, his lost followers have been praying for his resurrection.

Before his death, he was confined to a wheelchair for weeks.

He has 70 wives, 500 children and over 1000 grand kids.

Jehovah Wanyonyi  missing

At a point he said he brought HIV to earth to punish humanity for disobeying him.

Months before he gave up the ghost, he ordered Kenyan Government to pay him 3 billion shillings approximately $3.8 Million. He threatened to curse Kenyans if he didn’t receive the money within 3 months.

The Sayo prophet has over 2000 followers.

Isn’t life strange? How gullible can people get?