Photos: World’s Oldest Living Animal, Jonathan The Giant Tortoise Bathes For The 1st Time At Age 184

jonathan the giant tortoise

March 28, 2016 – Pictures: Oldest Living Animal In The World, Jonathan The Tortoise Bathes For The First Time At Age 184

This wonder reptile born in 1832 was given to Saint Helena by Seychelles Governor when he turned 50.

A veterinary, Dr Joe Hollins gave the oldest living animal in the world a bath last week at the age of 184.

The reptile popularly called Jonathan the Giant Tortoise is considered a national treasure on the tiny British Island of St Helena.

Jonathan is battling eyesight and smell problem.

He can’t smell properly again. His eyesight is also fading away.

See more photos of 184-year-old Jonathan The Giant Tortoise below