Pictures: Olu Maintain’s Wedding To White Lady In Brazil A Promo Hoax?

olu maintain wedding pictures

Feb 8, 2014 – Photos: Olu Maintain’s Wedding To White Lady In Brazil A Promo Hoax?

Yesterday the blogosphere was saturated with the wedding story of Nigerian singer Olu Maintain.

The star singer who became famous after the release of his Yahooze video over 10 years ago has been struggling to remain relevant since but to return to stardom, he allegedly sent across some photos of himself getting married to a Brazilian lady.

An entertainment insider said the photos are from one of his album and that the guy has never dated any white lady.

Within 24 hours after Olu Maintain’s wedding pictures went viral, we learnt he has signed a distribution deal with Def Jam record.

olu maintain marries white lady

Below is a press release by Olu Maintain moments after the wedding pictures went viral

“A lot of things have happened especially while I was in Brazil and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Is Olu Maintain married? That is a question that must be answered when the time is right. I found a lot of things in Brazil that were beyond my imaginations and some that I never expected.”

olu maintain wedding pictures

Come to think of it, how can someone be looking like this on his wedding day?