Pregnant Russian Girl & Boyfriend Commit Suicide Over Underage Pregnancy

pregnant russian girl boyfriend suicide

July 22, 2014 – Pregnant Russian Girl & Boyfriend Commit Suicide Together After Parents Stopped Her From Seeing Him

An underage girl and her boyfriend have both committed suicide by hanging from the same rope in a tree after her parents discovered that she was pregnant for him.

According to Daily Mail, the lifeless bodies 14-year-old Irina Korovina and her boyfriend 22-year-old Anatoly Maslov were found hanging from the same rope on the same tree branch with their hands wrapped around each other.

A Russian Police spokesman Malik Shcherbakov said:

‘Looking at her social media postings it seems that at least up to shortly before her death she was happy, and one of the last postings was “Life is beautiful”.’

It happened in Zmeevo village on the outskirts of Tver, a western Russian town.

The girl’s mother said that they had discovered she was three months’ pregnant the same day, and that they had tried to stop her seeing her boyfriend because of the age difference.