PSquare’s Peter Okoye Defrauded By Bank Or New Music Video Promo???

August 3rd, 2014 – Peter Okoye Worried Over Fraudulent Bank Transaction: PSquare’s Star Threatens To Reveal The Bank’s Name

PSquare star boy Peter Okoye is not happy at the moment after he allegedly saw a fraudulent money withdrawal from his bank account.

According to the message he posted on his official IG account this morning, Peter Okoye said he gave the bank 5 days to return his money or else, he will expose them.

In his own words:

“Has any1 experienced fraudulent transactions with a BANK before?…. Cos am about to EXPOSE one of the bank i have been with for over 6yrs

Return all my money or I will EXPOSE you and SUE you. I will reveal the BANK on Friday 8th of August. 5days to go #finalwarning”

Sense another video coming on the Friday August 8th ,2014. Stay tuned this is no bank fraud. #wayo marketing trick