Python Kills 2 Sleeping Children In Canada; Huge 16-Ft Snake Crushed Siblings To Death

python kills children canada

August 6, 2013 – Python Kills Two Sleeping Brothers In Canada – Huge 16-Ft Snake Crushed Siblings To Death In New Brunswick, Canada

2 brothers have met their untimely death in small city of Campbellton in the province of NB, Canada.

The 2 siblings age 5 & 7 were sleeping when a huge 16-ft python snake fell on them.

We learnt the giant snake escaped from a pet store located below the room where the children were sleeping that night.

They were fast asleep when the 100 pounds African Rock Python attacked them after escaping the store through the ceiling.

The owner of the pet store was a friend to the parents of the deceased children.

Jean Claude Savoie, a pet store owner in Campbellton city in New Brunswick claims the snake might have sneaked into his apartment through the ventilation ducts.

Mr Savoie’s snake crushed the children to death as they slept together on the floor of a room in the apartment.

A look inside Savoie’s pet store

The apartment where the attack happened

The 2 victims of the python attack

Police officials have started their investigation on this sad news.

May their souls rest in peace.