Ramsey Adetokunbo Nouah Blasts Nigerian Celebrities Wearing Designers

ramsey nouah

June 10, 2015 – Ramsey Adetokunbo Nouah Blasts Nigerian Celebrities Wearing Designers

Check out what the Nollywood actor said in a recent chat with ThisDay;

“Running red carpets, for instance, in Hollywood is more of selling designs. In Nigeria, it is more of showing you have money to buy designer wears. Hollywood actresses are the ones who wear most of these designer wears and most times they don’t buy it.

“They are giving publicity to the brand. But in Nigeria, you see them spend their hard earned money to buy these designer wears to grace the red carpet.

“They end up giving publicity to the brand but they don’t see it in that light. They believe they are big boys and big girls. It’s actually a make-believe in the industry to keep the public gushing and excited. But the truth is that you don’t use material things to show-off that you are big, use your works instead,”.

It will be impossible for him to be referring to all the celebrities.

He has somebody in mind, he just doesn’t want to mention name.