Regina Askia Williams In Nigeria For Vacation

regina askia in nigeria vacationRegina & husband

April 9, 2014 – Regina Askia Williams In Nigeria For Vacation

Former Nollywood actress Regina Askia who relocated to the United States Of America several years ago has finally returned to Nigeria.

As we speak, the mother of three is currently with her mother and relations in her village in Akwa Ibom State.

Read her exciting narratives of Nigeria below:

“Finally in my mothers arms, in the village. Finally got my share of the ikpan, the isip mbakara, the ekpang nkukwo, aaahhh……Walked around the ranging farm house, my sister had the house all done up nieces and nephews vying to show new skills and sending messages of love to Teesa and Rudy……..Had long discussion with Uncle mmi. It was sunny, beautiful and hot….Palm fronds swaying, cool breeze blowing, tropical scents wafting…….Africa my Africa”. – Regina said via her official Facebook account

The former Nollywood actress arrived Lagos Nigeria this past Saturday.