Kamoru Oladele, Ritualist Who Specialises In Buying & Selling Human Heads Arrested In Ibadan

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Feb 29, 2016 – Ritualist Who Buys Human Head To Prepare Fortune Charms & Money Ritual Arrested In Ibadan, Kamoru Oladele Confesses

Kamorudeen Oladele, a 50-year-old alleged ritualist has confessed to the police after his arrest that he specialises in purchasing human heads to prepare fortune charms for his clients.

Oladele told Eleyele Ibadan Police Command officials that he uses the purchased human heads to prepare fortune charms that costs client N25,000 each.

According to him, he buys human head at the wholesale price of N10,000 per head.

Oladele was caught while negotiating with an undercover police operative and offering to sell fresh human head for N30,000.

Item recovered from the suspect include a smoked head of an albino.