Robbery At Anambra State Govt House: 7 Policemen Arrested & Jailed For Sleeping On Duty

robbery anambra govt house

July 24, 2014 – Robbery At Anambra State Government House: 7 Police Officers Arrested & Jailed For Sleeping On Duty

7 police officers who were recently arrested for sleeping on duty after armed robbers entered Anambra State Government House are still in jail.

The robbers who struck 13 days ago took away 11 brain boxes of Hilux vehicles.

A guy who made a suspicious call 10 minutes before the armed robbers arrived is also in detention.

The men who were said to be sleeping on duty were transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID’s) detention room from the police station they were previously kept for further interrogation which makes it their 13th day in detention.

One brain box of each Toyota Hilux is approximately 85,000 naira.

How can they have slept throughout the robbery… nah planned work joor.