Ronke Oshodi Oke Ojo On First Marriage Crash “Why I Divorced My 1st Husband In Canada”

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Oct 27, 2014 – Ronke Oshodi Oke Ojo Talks About First Husband In Canada & Why Her Marriage Crashed

Popular Yoruba actress Ronke Ojo also called Oshodi Oke for her frontal endowment has spoken up on why her first marriage ended in divorce.

In a recent chat with Encomium, Ronke narrated how she met her new husband and how she is coping with her career and marriage:

Interview excerpts:

How Did You meet your husband?

“I met my husband in1999 after Ronke Oshodi Oke came out. We became lovers in 2000 but we could not move to the next level because of certain differences. Most Nigerian guys would think twice before marrying an actress. We dated for four years and went our separate ways.

In-between those four years I met another guy whom I had my first child for. A year after I had my first issue, my then lover, who is now my husband came back and we began our affair in secret, though he proposed to me three times during the time.ronke oshodi oke first husband

I did not want to have kids for different men. But because we were best of friends, he was always there for me and we were in love, we settled our differences and came back together.

Why did you leave the father of your first child?

He wanted me to come stay in Canada with him and I can not live outside Nigeria for any reason, I can only go visiting . Moreover, living in Canada will affect my career. I could not get happiness from the union but I waited five years before going into another marriage officially.

Can we say it is one of the reasons you are reluctant to live with your husband?

Not at all. It only shows we understand ourselves very well. My husband is my friend.

How have you been coping as mother, career woman and a wife?

It has not been easy but as an African woman I have been managing well. Besides, I have a very supportive mother and an understanding husband. My children stay with my mum and I come around when I am free.

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