Saeed Mohammed Funky Mallam: My Marriage Crashed Because I Married A Wrong Woman

funky mallam marriage crash

Sept 27, 2015 – Saeed Mohammed Funky Mallam: My Marriage Crashed Because I Married A Wrong Woman

See excerpts from a recent chat with budding comic actor Saeed Mohammed popularly called Funky Mallam

Your once happy marriage hit the rocks. Are you now single and searching?

I am single but definitely not searching. I am trying to take my time because I have a lot of scripts and projects that are competing for attention on my desk. I have some projects that I am packaging for DSTV and others that I am planning for the cables. So, for now, it is business and nothing but business.

What happened to the marriage?

But you just said that it hit the rocks, didn’t you?

You said that you are taking your time; is it to give you enough time to do proper screening of available girls or to search for better ones?

You and I know that women are very delicate in nature. It is not safe to combine too many business engagements with a woman by your side because she could go gaga if her patience gets exhausted. What I am saying is that, at this stage of my career, I need a lot of concentration. So, don’t blame me if I choose to take my time because no man would wish to end up in the hands of a cantankerous wife. It would be a huge distraction to live with a woman that would feel insecure about your movement whenever you are out. That does not help in any business or relationship as the case may be.

Was suspicion, impatience or quarrelsomeness responsible for your marriage breakup?

I would say that it was a case of incompatibility. It is a big risk for two incompatible people to get married because it is usually a matter of time before such marriage dissipates. However, I have to say it was neither her fault nor mine that the marriage did not work. But the good thing is that we separated peacefully.