Sammie Okposo “Why I Dumped Kate Henshaw & Stella Damasus For My Wife”

August 5, 2014 – Sammie Okposo “Why I Dumped Kate Henshaw & Stella Damasus For My Wife”

Gospel star Sammie Okposo has revisited his past romance with Nollywood actresses Kate Henshaw and Stella Damasus and why he had to dump them for his wife.

In a recent chat with Y! Mag, Sammie Okposo said he wasn’t under a good mentor when he became a serial womanizer despite his deep Christian root.

Read the interview excerpt in part below:

Interviewer: You moved effortlessly from one woman to another then. In fact, you were gliding and galloping (General laughter) – Kate Henshaw, Stella Damasus, Janet Fateye, Gloria Ibru and so on. How were you able to cope during those days?

Sammie OkposoIt was mad! It’s a crazy thing that I did then. The industry just swallowed me. That’s the only way I can describe it because I was an up and coming entertainment personality, I was involved in all the media events, all the awards. They were calling me to be part of the theme songs, to do this, do that and I said to myself, my God, this is the life! The kind of ladies that you will not dare say good morning to; you don’t even have to say good morning; as you are passing, they will just say hi and you begin to wonder: am i the one they are waving at? Because I was in the limelight and I didn’t know how to handle it; I entered it gbuaaaa! And I was like my God; is this what these celebrities are dealing with? Where you don’t even have to say hello to a lady.

She’s looking for you, she’s trying to hang out with you. So, I didn’t know what to do with it; I thought that was the life and the thing just swallowed me and like you said, before you knew it, I was gliding and galloping from relationship to relationship. It was crazy! I didn’t know better. I didn’t know better, but I will balance that. I didn’t know better, but somehow, I am grateful that I had to go through that. Because that is what I appreciate now; because of what I have been through.

You know they say experience is the best teacher. When you have gone through some things, that is when you look back and you say ah! That was not a good experience. You will do all you can not to go through that again.