Sanyeri’s Car Accident Rumour Debunked”I’m In Femi Adebayo’s House Eating Pounded Yam”

sanyeri car accident

June 6, 2014 – Sanyeri Debunks Car Accident Rumour “I’m Eating Pounded Yam In Femi Adebayo’s House”

One of the most popular actors in Nollywood Yoruba film industry, Olaniyi Afonja aka Sanyeri has spoken up on the car accident story going viral about him.

According to report from unverified sources, Sanyeri was involved in a tragic car accident a few days ago and has been transferred to the hospital where he’s currently receiving treatment.

In a recent interview, Sanyeri said fraudsters trying to use him to collect money from unsuspecting fans are behind the accident rumour.

“I never got involved in any accident. So, I am not in any hospital as they claim. As I am talking to you, I am in Femi Adebayo’s house where I am eating pounded yam and snail. I have been with him for some days because we are working on his new film,” . “That is why I have started crying loud to warn people that they should not listen to them. They are 419 guys who want to use my name to dupe innocent people.” – Sanyeri said

Olaniyi Afonja is currently working on a new movie titled Ipo Agba that star Fathia Balogun, Muyiwa Ademola and Femi Adebayo.