Scamming 101: The Romance Strategy

romance scam email

August 16, 2014 – Scamming 101: The Romance Strategy

Excerpt from a romance email received from a mad scammer calling herself Elizabeth Moore few minutes ago

Hey my dear,

How are you and your family? I believe everything is good around you!It’s nice having your address with the aid of my new search device. I’m just looking for better friendship and pen pals both women and men to smhare interest and lot more with. I love discussing all issues and learning other people’s cultures and languages; and i just want to have a lot of good and lasting friends outside my country. You know that friends ‘re like clothing, and life is naked without one!

I’m Elizabeth by name. Am an American and resides here in New York. My city, Yonkers is such a wonderful place to behold (let me not bore you with my city’s history for now lol) I work with a resettlement and visa processing assistance agency here in New York City.

I want to present myself from the best side! I am romantic and emotional, I expect all the good and interesting from my future and I am sure that I can create the future myself! You will get from life what you invest in it. I have my pure soul, kind heart and friendly character, so I hope to get just good things instead!

I like making friends across all divides, and I will be happy to have you as a very good friend from a different environment and cultural background. I like discussing everything, and traveling is part of me (my dream is to traverse the globe someday)

I strongly believe on friendship, and never missed making one whenever opportunities occur like this. I believe that friendship is part and parcel of one’s life; Best friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. While money might make one wealthy, but friends make one rich.

Hey, I can’t afford to hear you say “nope” to my request please! I will just cross my fingers and wait for your lovely response, and will be happy if you include more about yourself when replying.

I will be expecting your quick response.


Nice story line, these mumu scammer will not kill me o.Geeeez and people are still falling for it.