SCOAN Church Collapse: TB Joshua’s Fans! Stop Cursing, Let God Fight For Your Prophet

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Sept 20, 2014 – SCOAN Church Building Collapse: TB Joshua’s Fans Stop Cursing, Let God Fight For Your Prophet

To some of your out there sending us abusive email in a bid to defend your prophet, it is high time you stop all these senseless talks.

If I were to be an unbeliever (God forbid) looking to accept Christ, how can you convince me with all these hate emails you are sending me.

I challenge you, if you truly have Christ, there is no way you will be cursing people to defend your prophet.

If indeed God is the one that called TB Joshua as you said, why not allow God to fight for him instead of fighting for him.

All your threats are meaningless and it speak volumes about the kind of spirit embedded in some of you (especially those that sent the hate emails).

It is high time you stop fighting for man, let God fight for your prophet during this trying times if He’s the one that truly called him.

In past 2 hours alone, I have received over 16 hate emails from those claiming to be church members of controversial prophet TB Joshua, get a life please stop blaming me for reporting the Collapse church building in Ikotun Lagos.

All that matters now is to remember the family of those who lost their loves ones to the tragedy in our prayers.

May God comfort them during this trying times.

If truly God has called your master, let Him arise in His strength and defend him.

Remember what the bible says “By strength shall no man prevail”

“He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail.” – 1 Samuel 2:9

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