Sheikh Albani Zaria’s Killers Arrested: Anti-Boko Haram Preacher’s Killers Paraded

sheik albani killers arrested

March 4th, 2014 – Sheikh Albani Zaria’s Killers Arrested: Boko Haram Members Who Assassinated Islamic Cleric Now In SSS Net

Anti Boko Haram Preacher, Islamic Cleric’s Killers Arrested

Some suspected Boko Haram terrorists who murdered a popular Islamic cleric in Zaria last month have been arrested.

The 7 Boko Haram members assassinated Sheik Albani and his wife while returning home from a program that held at Markaz Salafiyya Center in Tundun Wada on Saturday, the 1st of February 2014.

The 7 suspected Boko Haramists have been previously arrested in connection with a similar crime in the past. They were all paraded by SSS in Abuja yesterday.

The late cleric is popular for calling out the judgement of God on Boko Haram and all terrorists.

May his soul rest in peace.