Shocking: See How An Indian Man Cures Cold In Children

Jamun Yadav ritual in indiaJamun Yadav

Feb 20, 2012 – Shocking Ritual: See How An Indian Man Cures Cold In Children

This is one of the most evil, dangerous rituals of all times involving newborn babies.

50-year old Jamun Yadav, who considers himself to be a demigod of the Hindu faith, believes he can channel and transfer divine energy through his feet, which has led to him standing on the necks and throats of young children suffering from your average run-of-the-mill cold.

After the ritual, the children are then tossed from the tower onto a tightly stretched sheet below, where they seemingly bounce safely and are then handed to their mothers. See the pictures and video below.

Jamun YadavJamun Yadav

 Baby Throwing Ritual in India