I Smuggled Heroine Drug To Pay My Son’s Hospital Bill- Drug Trafficker Tells NDLEA

man smuggles cocaine to save dying son

March 18, 2017  – I Smuggled Heroine Drug To Save My Dying Son – Drug Trafficker Tells NDLEA

43-year-old Bob Manuel Ogochukwu, a Kenya-based Nigerian excreted 66 wraps of heroine hours after he was apprehended during inward screening of passengers on an Ethiopian Airline flight from Nairobi on Wednesday.

NDLEA Commander for Lagos Airport Garba Ahmadu said the suspect claimed he attempted drug smuggling because his 4-year-old son has a hole in the heart and he needed money to pay for his treatment.

Here is the confessional statement of the Anambra State indigene.

If convicted, Bob Manuel Oguchukwu might spend 15 years in prison.