Stella Damasus & New Husband, Daniel Ademinokan Display Public Affection

stella damasus new husband

April 25, 2014 – Daniel Ademinokan & New Wife, Stella Damasus Display Public Affection

Film producer Daniel Ademinokan recently honoured his new wife, Nollywood actress Stella Damasus on her birthday.

Around 12am yesterday, Daniel sent a cute birthday shout out to Stella.

Daniel wrote: “Happy birthday to my friend,sister & confidant. You are one of the sweetest souls that God created and may his love never leave your heart! As the sands on the seashore cannot be numbered, so will the blessings that God will rain down in you be. He will put a smile on your face that nobody can wipe. God bless

Stella’s response: Thank you sweetie God bless you. “Oga at the top”

Daniel’s 2nd response: Happy birthday to you!!! LOVE YOU TO BITS my padi for jungle! You’ve been a friend, a sister, a confidant and a trusted shoulder to lean on when the world felt like a blur! Stellz we need to take one bloody picture for instagram! I dey come with right costume when the sun comes up. Elscandalo

Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, this couple seem to have a great romantic connection.