Stephanie Otobo’ UBA Bank Statement Of Account Showing Deposits From Apostle Suleman Released

stephanie otobo uba bank statement

April 9, 2017 – Stephanie Otobo UBA Bank Statement Of Account Showing Proof Of Deposits From Apostle Suleman & Agents Released

Many lies of Omega Fireman Apostle Suleiman has been exposed once again by his former girlfriend, Stephanie Otobo.

The alleged prostitute who has now returned to her base in Brampton, Ontario Canada has released the full detail of her bank account details showing proofs of huge deposits by Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

Though the controversial Pastor has deny any link with Otobo, it is now obvious he might have been romantically involved with Otobo in the past.

Suleiman allegedly used police power to threaten Otobo during her stay in Nigeria but with evidents like this, it is very hard for the eloquent preacher to defend himself.

His critics are now calling on him to apologise and confess to God and his followers.

Stephanie Otobo’s UBA bank account shows deposits of two million naira while their romantic affairs blossomed.

In June 22, 2015, he deposited N900,000, on the 2nd of September 2016, he made a deposit of N200,000.  On the 14th of September, he deposited 1 million naira into Otobo’s bank account.

Later that year, Suleman changed his tricks and started using agents. On the 4th of November 2015, he used one Adewunmi TO to make a web deposit and  later used one Gbenga Adegbadebo to deposit N340K, N238K and N170K.

stephanie otobo uba bank statement

In an interview she granted before leaving for Canada, Otobo alleges Canada-based Adegbadebo who owns a money transfer company was the agent Suleman used to send hard currencies to her in Canada.

It will interest you to note that Otobo’s bank account details has been verified.

Lord have mercy!!!