Tayo Sobola Sotayo: I Closed Down My Boutique In Lagos Because Of Debtors

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January 2nd, 2016 – Tayo Sobola Sotayo: How Debtors Forced Me To Close Down My Boutique In Lagos

Fast-rising Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola told Saturday Beats over the week that she decided to shut down her clothing store in Ogba area of Lagos because she was having too many debtors who refused to pay her.

Hear what the CEO of Sotee Entertainment in Magodo Lagos said:

“I can never go into the beauty line again. I used to own a boutique but I ended up giving out half of the store’s goods for free while people picked items they liked for free. I decided to close the shop and buy clothes only for myself. If I am tired of them, I would give them out. I don’t really think it is the right line of business for me and besides, everybody is selling clothes because most ladies would buy clothes even if they are broke. It is impossible for someone to walk into my office and say she wants to do a photoshoot without paying. They would not meet me in the office. But it is possible to buy clothes from me and say you would pay later. The fashion industry is not the right line of business for me,” .