Tee Billz Calls Tiwa Savage’s Wanted Video Creative…Is He Kidding?

tiwa savage wanted video

May 29, 2014 – Tiwa Savage’s Husband Calls Wife’s Naked Video Creative..Is Tee Billz Kidding??

Tee Billz Calls Tiwa Savage’s Naked, Wanted Video Creative…Is He Kidding?

I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Tiwa Savage until she released this latest video titled wanted.

Though her husband took to Twitter to defend her for being creative, I don’t see any creativity in the video.

The real definition of creativity is being unique and not acting like Rihanna or Beyonce’s wannabe

Can someone please tell Tiwa Savage to be herself…. Enough of this copy copy, follow follow lifestyle.

If Tee Billz think copying American lifestyle is creativity, then he needs to go back to school.

Tiwa Savage’s most creative video is Ife Wagbona followed by Eminado.

Please guys watch the video below and tell us what is creative in it? What happened to Tiwa Savage’s originality??

Newly married Tiwa Savage should keep in mind that she is serving an African audience not Americans…. we value culture.