The Day My Angry Husband Hit Me With A Dining Chair – Domestic Abuse Victim

angry husband attack woman with dining chair

July 7, 2016 – The Day My Abusive Husband Hit Me With A Dining Chair – Domestic Abuse Victim

I lived in a very abuse marriage for 10 years. I was very naive at first and really didn’t know people like him existed. He would kick me, slap me, push me, throw things at me, yell abuse, call me names like ‘social cripple’, ‘fat dirty idiot’ the list goes on and on.

I married him at a very young age and he always intimidates me. The verbal and physical abuse went on for a very long time until one day, our landlord threatened to evict us because of my constant screaming at night when he is using me as a punching bag.

Life was a continuous hell, fear and horror and he always blamed the children or me for his violence.

Until one day when he hit me with a dining chair and I fainted. He got scared and called the landlord to come and help him take me to the hospital. When my brothers came to visit me at the clinic, they insisted that I get separated from my husband.

Today, I’m a much better person and my selfconfidence is back. No woman should be allowed to go through what I did and if you find yourself in such a situation, please leave before the take you out in a casket.

Uju writes from Onitsha Anambra State