The Metamorphosis Of Stella Oduah: From Mrs. Stella Ogiemwonyi To Stella Oduah

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Oct 19, 2012 – The Metamorphosis Of Stella Oduah: From Mrs. Stella Ogiemwonyi To Stella Oduah

The metamorphosis of Stella Oduah – From Mrs. Stella Ogiemwonyi to Stella Oduah. I am sad, I am mourning, I wear black to mourn with her, because Stella wishes her husband dead and her children become fatherless.

She is dishonouring the revered Benin tradition, because, a married woman according to the Benin tradition, does not wear black veil over her head, when her husband is not dead.

Stella is the owner of SPG, no doubt a company that is wealthy and doing well in business.

She has been alleged to have giving out 11 airport contracts, without following the due process to selected contractors. Arik’s management said pressured it to give her 5% shares in the private company.

Now, she wears black veiled dress to host the D8-Aviation Roundtable in Abuja, because it consists of Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Egypt. majorly muslim countries, when they are coming to Nigeria’s Abuja.

Has she seen the behaviour and dresses of Mrs.Hilary Clinton, Mrs. Angela Merkel-Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Julia Gillard- Prime Minister of Australia, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – President of Liberia, Mrs Dilma Rousseff President of Brazil?

This what psychologist call inferiority complex and lack of confidence in ones credence.

Her Pastor, if she has any, is not doing his/her work enough, Stella should be reminded that whosoever denies Christ Jesus before men, He would deny before His Father in heaven that is if she believes that beside money and the fame of being a minister there is another life.

She must be told that vanity upon vanity is all vanity, and asked: What does it profit a woman to gain a ministerial position and loose her soul?

Dr. Chris Ogiemwonyi is silent, may be he is afraid of her position, but he too must be told that his wife has balkanized our tradition. Oba Ghato Okpere, ise! – (Article by Oga O)