Thief Breaks Through The Wall To Steal Flat Screen TV As House Owner Watches In Shock

thief breaks wall steal tv

November 19, 2016 – Pictures: Thief Arrested After Breaking Through The Wall To Steal Flat Screen TV From A House In Lagos

Check out a young man arrested this week after breaking through the wall of a house to steal a flat screen TV somewhere in Lagos.

While the young thief was busy digging through the wall just to escape with the stolen LCD TV, the house owner was busy waiting for him to perform his magic and come outside while taking photos.

If this able-bodied young man has enough energy to break through the wall, why can’t he put the same energy to work out a legal business?

This same ‘get rich quick’ mentality is what is killing youths of nowadays.

Here are more photos the house owner took while the thief was busy breaking the wall.