Tonto Dikeh’ Fan Calls Daniella Okeke A Prostitute & Governors Runs Girl For Insulting Dunni Obasanjo

daniella okeke prostitute

August 11, 2015 – Tonto Dikeh’s Fan Calls Daniella Okeke A Prostitute & Governors Runs Girl For Throwing Shade At Dunni Obasanjo

Few hours after Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke joined her brother from another mother, Gideon Okeke to throw dirty shade at Tonto Dikeh and her husband-to-be, a fan has come really hard on her.

An instagram profile with handle @daniellashutup has been throwing non stop shades at Daniella Okeke, calling her all sorts of derogatory names for insulting Tonto Dikeh.

Check out what the person told Daniella few hours ago:

“Daniella the prolific and chief Runs girl.How many pples husband are u hiding as Bae while looting them? Chronic prostitute coming to shade someone. Why don’t u post selfies with Ur Pot bellied Sponsor when u travel to go f**k his deadbeat wrinkled d**k? U should be proud of ur Bae..\nBig head Aka old mama Youngy Face Ur work..,,BTW let Tonto carry her cross.U all end up marrying second hand husbands afterall and scattering homes.

Responses from Daniella’s fans:

temitopeawodiya@daniellashutup God bless you.

tulipnelly23 – Jealousy, allow her to worry about that, go and get your own people’s Bae. evil mind
cutedeka@daniellashutup u jst said it all God bless u.

hoxo101@daniellashutup my sister twale for you i don dey wait fr dz kind comment sincee…see daniella oo wey governors don scatter her yansh she get guts and liver to shade tonto..babe don marry daniella u r stil loosing..he could hv bin ur bae but he f**ked you and left you yet he decided to settle with tonto..Daniella runs girl made from abakiliki you have the guts to post dz pic u no look ur face?? ugly old trump f**king up and down cruising from one hotel to the other is dt life? how many homes hv u broken im sure they are countless and you come here posting rubbish..bia! betta take your time oo make i just end here if nt i b wan finish you todai…old mama youngy

See Daniella’s response to the above allegations

Like seriously the meme post was just an innocent funny post i saw on instagram and reposted it for the laugh. I can’t believe who ever u re ve had the time to open a page just to shade wat is not shading you and dragging a girls who has nothing to do with it. U guys re really low i swear  dis is so funny. Anyway u ve said all u had in mind to said and ur other made up account and co low minded people has commented. Dis is not a shade to Tonto pls its just a funny post am not shading anyone. nw can u get a life and get off dis prostitute page?

Be careful what you wish for others, you never know when it will come back to you. Just be happy for others.