Tonto Dike’s Addiction To Cigarette

Monday August 1st, 2011  – The question that comes to Nollywood movie lovers mind is Does Tonto Dike Smoke?. Yes she does

This past year the news of Tonto Dike slumping on a movie set went viral inside and outside Nollywood.

Below is a current report obtained from Blue Print about her :

‘Popular actress, Tonto Dike no doubt combines brain and beauty, which she has been bringing to the acting table ever since participating in the popular reality TV show, Next Movie Star some years back.

You may also remember Miss Dike for her controversial role in Dirty Secret, a pornographic movie in which she acted a sexually explicit role alongside Jibola Dabor, Maryann Apollo and Muna Obiekwe. The movie raised quite a lot of dust last year. But Tonto’s penchant for controversial movie roles seemed to have gradually taken a backseat, as many of her fans who have spotted her puffing away at events, clubs and some secluded places, are now concerned about her health, which could be in danger if this habit is not quickly controlled.

This actress’s sizzling romance with cigarettes is getting worrisome as she now brings it out at the slightest opportunity without giving a hoot about who is around or watching. At the album launch of a young artiste recently, CelebGist’s source caught the sexy actress as she brought out a pack of a particular dangerous brand and lit one, much to the awe of her fans and stakeholders of the industry at the event.’