Touching Confession Of A Kidnapper: I Wish I’m Dead I Don’t Want To Bring Shame To My Father

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January 22, 2016 – “Please Kill Me, I Don’t Want To Bring Shame To My Father” – Kidnapper Tells Police

Touching Confession Of A Kidnapper: I Wish I’m Dead I Don’t Want To Bring Shame To My Father

Friday Allen, a suspected kidnapper confessed to the police that he received N100, 000 out of one million Naira ransom his alleged gang got from a kidnapped victim.

Allen, 27, however denied being a member of the gang that abducted a businessman at Abijo, insisting that he was forced to stay with the victim.

The suspect who was arrested after the police tracked the telephone number that the victim’s family was contacted through and traced him to his 9, Borrow Pit, Sango Tedo resident, stated that the real kidnappers collected his phone from him and forced him to look after the businessman in the bush he was kept.

Narrating how he got involved, Allen said one Agali who lived on the same area had invited him over for a drink.

“He told me that we should hang out and drink a bottle at a joint and we went in his Gulf car. But after the drink, when we were supposed to go, he drove towards a Toyota Camry car.

“He told me to come down and enter the Camry. When I got close to the Camry, I saw two other boys there and I saw that there was a man who was tied. His head was covered and his neck bent.

“I refused to enter and asked them what they were doing with the man but he brought out a gun and pointed it at me that if I don’t enter, he will kill me there.

“I was scared and that was how I entered. They collected my phone from me and drove into Abijo bush where they kept the man. We were inside the bush for two days, Agali will go out and buy food for us and the man.

“On the third day, he said the family was going to pay and he collected one million Naira from them and gave me N100, 000. They did not return my phone to me.

“I was arrested in my house while I was sleeping. Police said they tracked the number that was used to contact the businessman’s family and they found my address.

“I am not a kidnapper. I have never followed them for any operation. I have never robbed before. I am the only child of my father and we do not have money. I am the one who usually takes care of my father each time I return from my labouring job.

“Now, I do not know what will happen to him. I just wished that I could be killed instead of bringing this kind of embarrassment on my father,” said Allen.

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