Tricia Eseigbe Talks About Husband, Marriage & Male Admirers

tricia eseigbe

April 19, 2014 – Boldfaces Presenter, Tricia Eseigbe Talks About Husband, Marriage & Male Admirers

The Presenter of Boldfaces, Nollywood actress Tricia Eseigbe in this recent interview with Christian Agadibe talked at length on why she is using her show to protect children against abuse. She also discussed how she met her hubby and how she handles her male admirers.

Interview Excerpts:

What are you currently working on?

My latest project is called The Psychologist. It’s a public awareness programme on child sexual abuse. We intend to expose sexual predators and create a support platform for victims and get the authorities to do more to support our children. The Psychologist is a 30-minute television talk show which addresses child sexual molestation.  Aside that, we also have the educational part which is called The Psychologist On The Move where we’ll have a  celebrity road show campaign, schools visitation and town hall meetings to  mobilize adults, families and communities to take actions towards protecting children before they are harmed.

We understand you are partnering the police for this project. Why?

I want to be a voice for our vulnerable children. I discovered that most parents are not too knowledgeable on how to protect their children from sexual predators. Child sexual abuse is a global issue and I have passion for the welfare of our children. I’m grieved when I see victims of child sexual abuse. That’s what informed my decision to work on The Psychologist project in partnership with the Nigerian Police Force. I must personally commend the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed D. Abubakar, for taking a strong stand on the issue and the wonderful support given to The Psychologist team nationwide by The Nigeria Police Force. Having  guards in the house, domestic helps and family members does not necessary guarantee that your child is safe. Global Research has shown that in 90 per cent of child sexual abuse cases, the child knows and trusts the predator. I was not abused as a child but I have a moral and social responsibility to speak and fight for the millions of sexually abused children.

How are you going to raise funds to tackle the issue?

Right from inception we have been financing the project by ourselves. However we’re talking with federal and state governments, coperate bodies and individuals and hopefully, very soon, people will see the need to financially support this initiative.

What are you aiming to achieve on the project?

Our aim is to address child sexual abuse and molestation, enlighten Nigerians about paedophiles and how to prevent the sexual abuse of children. Also to encourage victims of child sexual abuse to come out and tell their stories in order to get support and justice and make our beloved country a safer place for our children.

When was the last time you featured in a movie?

In 2011.  I shot my own movie, Pradah, in 2013. I also shot a movie with Chico Ejiro and that was based on him being a very close family friend. I don’t really put myself out for movie roles because of my busy schedule.

Is it as result of the fact that scripts have stop coming?

No, far from it. The reason is because I have less time to shoot movies.

Since you set up Boldfaces, what’s been your most exciting moment?

Boldfaces is a very successful programme, recognised locally and internationally, well received and appreciated globally, which is quite pleasing to me so the excitement lives on and I give the glory and honour to God.

Do you have political ambitions?

No I am not a politician. Politicians are skilled at what they do. I’ll stick to what I know for now. Only God knows the future and he will lead me.

What was your growing up like. Were you born with a silver spoon?

Growing up was cool and comfortable. I lived with my uncle, a medical doctor who was a disciplinarian and a devoted man of God. I was not exposed to parties and stuffs like that because of my strict Christian upbringing. Looking back, I am grateful because it helped  to shape my life today. Everything I am today has been my dream; it’s quite fulfilling and I am very grateful to God.

Life is not bed of roses. Tell us your worst experience so far?

Yeah… I quite agree with you. Life has its ups and downs but I always stick with positive energy rather than negative energy. As a believer I have learned to give glory at all times and in all things that happen to me.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I don’t have embarrassing moments; I turn negative moments into positive moments.

What determine your fashion sense?

The occasion determines my fashion sense. I don’t do trends or what is in vogue; I like to be modest.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to you?

A guy took off his shirt at a party and requested I autograph it. It was quite funny because he was well dressed and mannered. However I was shocked when he requested I autograph his bare chest. I was hesitant but he insisted.

Now that you’re married, are the guys still flocking around you?

(Laughter) That you’re married does not mean that guys out there have suddenly gone blind. Some find it more fashionable to chase or admire a married woman which for me is very distasteful. I still have male admirers even with my wedding ring in full glare. Truth is that your wedding ring  does not stop some guys from taking a shot at you.

How do you handle them?

I try to be polite as much as I can by informing them I am happily married. I advice them to engage and marry the single girls out there.

If you suddenly discover that your daughter is pregnant, how would you handle it?

I reject such a scenario but for conversation and educational purposes, I will try and calm her fears down if there is any, and also calm down my husband. After that I will try to get her to speak to us about how she got pregnant and who is responsible for her pregnancy. Then we’ll contact the person and he would be compelled to marry her and hopefully, they can start a family from there because I don’t subscribe to abortion.


How did you meet your husband?

We met in a movie set in 1999. While he directed the movie I acted in it. It was entitled Live Wire. We stayed friends over the years and finally we drifted into marriage.


What is your secret for safeguarding your marriage?

God is the solid foundation. I say these to all that care to listen because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and goodness in everything we do. When people have God in them it’s easy for their marriage to be successful. So it’s always advisable to marry a God loving and fearing person. With that your job as a woman is more than half done.


How do you balance your marriage and your career?

Mine is very easy and blessed. I work closely and in partnership with my husband. We share every moment together; officially and privately so it’s easy to balance things up. I don’t stress much and he is very supportive and understanding.

What has changed since you got married?

I am less independent now because I am the deputy in charge. My husband is the head of our home and he guides us as the spirit leads him. A lot has changed in my spiritual life as well; I have a better understanding of my religion.

What advice do you have for young people who look up to you?

They should seek the face of our Lord first and every other thing will manifest according to God’s will for them. It’s not always advisable to look up to man. I know it sounds like I am preaching but it’s the truth. I am not going to say work hard, follow your dream and bla, bla, bla because they’ve been working hard and they have dreams to follow. All they need is God’s favour to perfect their hard work.

What has fame denied you?

It’s nothing other than the privacy. When you are in the public domain, people try to interpret your every move even when they don’t know you in person, they form opinions easily; anyway it comes with the turf.