True Confession Of A Cheating Husband Who Escaped Death

April 21st, 2014 – True Confession Of A Cheating Husband Who Escaped Death

Please this is a true life story of a cheating husband who escaped death recently.

Read his story and drop your inputs:

“My wife is currently weeping, thinking i am dead, my family is mourning and my burial arrangements have been concluded, if only they knew i was still alive. my story is rather complex but true, i was scheduled to board the malaysian aircraft that crashed is currently missing, actually that was what i told my wife and a few friends, i told them i was going on a business trip but i boarded another aircraft heading to bangalore to meet with my lover who i met on Tagged. now the problem is, the plane i told them i boarded crashed and there were no survivors. i seriously don’t know what to do, i cant live knowing that my wife, kids and relatives are some where in deep pain when i am actually alive. i have since broken up things with the mistress…..pls what do i do?”

See GOBE! What do you think this man should do?