UK Based Nigerian Supports Execution Of Nigerian Drug Dealers In Indonesia

nigerian drug dealers executions indonesia

March 2nd, 2015 – “I’m Happy About 2 Nigerians Executed In Indonesia” – UK Based Says Death Sentence ‘ll Reduce Crime

UK Based Nigerian Justifies Execution Of Nigerian Drug Dealers In Indonesia

I am happy with the execution of these two Nigerians in Indonesia. I wish our men and women that do not want to work hard to becoming millionaires but are aspiring to becoming millionaires through drug pushing will learn a wise lesson from the fate of these men.

As long as the Indonesian law is in place before they tried to get rich quick through drug, I do not have problem with their execution because they received the just judgement for their crimes and I think Indonesia is praiseworthy of following their law.

Any Nigerian that is saying that ”we are registering our grievances over this execution”, should be ashamed of his/her hypocrisy because the same Buhari that executed Benard Ogedemgbe,B Owoh and Lawal for offences that did not carry death sentence at the time of commission is now being rallied round as a presidential candidate come March 28 2015.

I wish we can learn how to follow the laws of the land from Indonesia.

I mean any drug pusher and kidnapper whether at home or abroad should be executed if that is what the law stipulates for such offences.

[By Marcel UK]