UNILAG Professors Fight Dirty Over Late Mother’s Houses, Property In Lagos

unilag professors fighting property

December 21, 2015 – UNILAG Professors Fight Dirty Over Late Mother’s Houses, Property In Lagos

Drama As Professor Felicia Durojaiye Oyekanmi Drags Elder Brother Adebayo Durojaiye To Court

2 professors born by same parents are locked in a fierce battle over inheriting their late mother’s two houses in Lagos State, western Nigeria.

The battle which started within the family has been extended to a Lagos High Court where one of the parties is seeking redress.

The two gladiators are Professor Felicia Durojaiye Oyekanmi of the University of Lagos, Akoka ,Yaba and her elder brother, Professor Adebayo Durojaiye.

Trouble started after their mother, Madam Ibidun Durojaiye died in 1999 and left behind the properties for the two of them who are her only surviving children.
The two storey buildings are located at 35, Sura Mogaji Street, Ilupeju Estate and 128, Railwayline in Idi-Olowo in Mushin.

There are also other properties in their home town in Ilesa, Osun State, which are not in contention.
But the bone of the contention are the two houses she built in Lagos which Felicia is insisting she will inherit alone, while Adebayo should take other houses built in Ilesa.
This was rejected by Adebayo who insisted that the houses must be shared equally between them.

The friction arising between Felicia and Adedayo resulted in the litigation.
In the suit number ID/955/2007 the two parties made counter claims to the buildings in Lagos. Felicia claimed that, according to native custom, the houses belong to her in accordance with the sharing agreement reached after the burial of their late mom by the family.
On his part Adebayo claimed that the family did not share the houses in that manner and as such she cannot inherit the houses alone.

Adebayo claimed that when they could not resolve the matter between them, members of their family were summoned for a meeting by the family head, Chief S.A. Durojaiye in Lagos.
Adebayo averred that at the meeting it was agreed that since Adebayo was the older child, he should inherit the ground floors of the houses while Felicia should inherit the upper floors.
But she rejected this decision, said Adebayo.

Felicia alleged that she was the one taking care of Adebayo’s five children for several years.
When Adebayo attempted to take possession of the buildings, Felicia resisted.
This allegedly led to the involvement of thugs and the police, yet the issue could not be resolved.

The fighting continued until Felicia contacted her lawyer and filed a suit at the Lagos High Court to determine who inherits the houses in question.
The matter has been adjourned till 4 February, 2016 before the presiding Judge, Mrs L. A. W. Folami.