“Why Do You Hate My Daddy, President Goodluck Jonathan” – Fan Asks NG

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Feb 23, 2015 – “Why Do You Hate My Father, Goodluck Jonathan” – Fan Asks NG

Just returned from a media outing this evening. While going through my desk, I saw this interesting mail from a lovely fan who wanted to know why I hate his daddy, Goodluck Jonathan.

The fan who said he’s an executive of one of the multi national companies in Lagos promises to give me a high paying job**LOL** if I start saying nice things about his daddy.

Let me first admit that the mail made my day, I had a good time reading every line of it.


I don’t hate your daddy. I’m also not a fan of any politician that’s why I rejected political ads.

This is a medium to inform and express and not a paid medium like others out there.

Like I said in my previous articles, I was once a big fan of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan please ask those who knew my first blog, Naijan.com. Please go and find out what Naijan.com said during GEJ first election.

I’m very consistent on the fact that I can never be used by any political party to vomit nonsense.

I’m a free thinker and hate taking sides but with the current situation in Nigeria, there is no way I can endorse GEJ again.

As a matter of fact, I’m not endorsing Buhari or Osinbajo either because no politician can ever be trusted.

Please note: I don’t hate your daddy, and I will never endorse him either for his past records.

Your daddy GEJ is a good man.

The only mistake your daddy made ‘s that he surrounded himself with thugs and hoodlums and that’s why Nigeria is at this stage.

Please tell me what good thing is Governor Fayose, Asari Dokubo, Doyin Okupe, Fani Kayode, Obanikoro contributing to Nigeria.

Now let me say my mind on APC.

APC has never ruled Nigeria and I’m not endorsing nor rejecting them.

Let all Nigerians go to poll on March 28 and vote for whoever they think will lead Nigeria aright.

In conclusion, dearie, I don’t need any job from you. Thanks for the offer greet your daddy for me.