Why Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Wife Anita Divorced The Christ Embassy Founder

August 30, 2014 – EXPOSED: Why Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Wife Anita Divorced The Christ Embassy Founder

Here is a short story from a fan of the founder of Christ Embassy church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife Anita who recently served him divorce papers.

The church member identified as Joy said Rev. Anita who has preached against divorce in the past is not living what she is preaching.

She said the beautiful woman divorced her husband because of her sister’s involvement in the marriage.

Hear what the source said:

I heard from a reliable source that she took the matter to the village and the villagers said the man have done them no wrong. They also said the brain behind this trouble is her sister peggy who left her husband so many years ago.

How could your sister tell you that your husband sleeps with 4 girls at a time? she is not in her husbands house and definitely wants to get you out of yours too, can’t you see? Its pathetic that you have eyes but can not see.

I’m a living testimony of pastor chris’s healing, his messages changed my life. NOTE that the church is not a family affair, it belongs to God. I respect your husband for not giving you the veto power to start ruling the people you met in the ministry (Rev. Tom, Eddy Owase etc) just because you are his wife, it shows that your husband is a disciplined man..

You use to be my role model pastor Anita, i wish you see this post. Why are you soo selfish, did you think of what will become of your children and husband “emotionally” when you’re gone? And someone like me too that soo dearly loves you?

Please think about your decision, please don’t go, please stay and iron out issues with your husband, stand by him like always. God please touch this womans heart. And for those friends that are fueling this matter, that wants to take my pastors wife away from him….God Almighty will judge you all, you will all reap what you have sown.

There is nothing God can’t do. May be Anita will think about their daughters and change her mind. The decision is up to her.

She is the same woman who told women in the ministry to stand by their husbands no matter what happen.

This brings to memory the issue of Pastor Benn Hinn and his wife who came together several months after she divorced him.

There is nothing God can’t do. Every marriage has gone through a similar case one way or the other.

Their church members should continue praying for them.