Wife Who Beats & Strips Husband’s Girlfriend Naked In Bayelsa Arrested

woman beats husband girlfriend

August 29, 2014 – Housewife Who Beats & Strips Husband’s Mistress Naked In Bayelsa Arrested

An angry housewife is currently cooling off in police detention after she and a friend allegedly stripped a mistress of her husband naked at a bar in Okaka.

Investigation revealed that the woman and her friend caught up with her husband and his girlfriend at the bar after being tipped off by the bar’s owner.

According to eye-witness account, as soon as the woman and her friends spotted the man and her lover, they descended on her with heavy slaps and eventually stripped her naked.

“They were shameless and when they saw she was in her monthly period, they took out their phones and started taking pictures. They asked the girl to be dancing while they took shots of her,” said a witness.

Police patrol team arrested the women moments after the man fled the area while his alleged lover is said to be furious and wants to file assault charges against the women who stripped her naked.