Uti Nwachukwu Blasts Nigerian Celebrities On Twitter “Without Jesus, U’re Finished”

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Nov 21, 2013 – Uti Nwachukwu Blasts Nigerian Celebrities On Twitter “Without Jesus, U’re Finished”

Nigerian model and actor Uti Nwachukwu is a man with so many thoughts on his mind.

The talented celebrity took to his Twitter page yesterday to bare his mind.

In a series of Twitter rants, Uti Nwachukwu blasts new Nigerian celebrities and popular ones for betraying him.

Read what Uti said on Twitter yesterday:

“My dear entertainers lie about how much they are paid, what they own and how they live. Then they envy the ones who are truly blessed! SMH
This celebrity life is not for everyone o! This fame can intoxicate you! it can make u paranoid and unreasonable! Without Jesus,  ur finished
Always pray to God to send out every wispy washy solider in your life!u need confidants not constituents!! The 2 are often mistaken
Bitter angry ungrateful and jealous people almost robbed me of my sanity and happiness. But

Thank God for jobs and success that distracted me
What have I learned: people who u allow to experience and share in your success,ultimately become greedy and covetous except they know Jesus
I suffered in silence for 6 months this year due to betrayal and now I’m testifying to rest of mind! I trusted God and he performed!
So many people have used usd their hands to cast themselves out of my life due to their own guilt, ingratitude and wickedness. Thank God for mind peace
This year, I prayed to God to send out every weed in my friendship garden and my garden is almost empty! hahah thank God for 90’s friends
The worst part of the industry is these new entertainers! Im still new yes, but these newer ones have this thing all wrong!smh

The minute you start feeling everyone is against you is the minute you need to give or rededicate your life to Christ! Jesus is the answer
The fame is not for everyone! if you can’t handle paranoia then check out
It’s amazing. The people who u protect are the ones that will be the first to accuse you of plotting against dem. Like we have anything u want
2013 has been a year of God revealing TRUE COLORS 2me. Sadly d entertainment industry is filled with Snakes, scorpions, users and vultures

The level of unhealthy competition and rivalry and notice me and vanity and greed in this new generation of entertainers is ALARMING, Kai!!!
We shoudl always pray for the fire of truth to burn in our hearts and make us uncomfortable till we confess IT!! fear God not flesh
Na wa o! The guilty are truly always afraid! I gat dms from people thinking I’m talking about dem wen I’m speaking generally. LMAO! OMoooooo

So politics dey everywhere….. Na wa o.