Woman Threatens To Divorce, Call Police On Sex Addict & Well Endowed Husband

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September 28, 2015 – Interesting! Woman Threatens To Divorce, Call Police On Sex Addict & Well Endowed Husband

A beautiful woman who seems to have had enough of her husband’s unquenchable sexual thirst took the matter to Facebook and asked her fans on what to do to get rid of him.

The message posted by the woman reads:

Fb please help. My husband is a sexual PREDATOR. I tried to give him a chance to change, but it’s getting worse. He’s really big (down there) and I asked him to go slow which he did. But then it took forever for him to finish. Sex isn’t supposed to be last longer than 5 minutes and he takes a minimum of 30 sometimes 45!smh. And since he started working out, he’s wanted to pick me up and just makes me uncomfortable to the point I don’t even want it anymore. But it gets even worse. To try and trick me into having sex, he does all of these massages and plays music or he’ll go down on me. Which he swears is because he is trying to make me comfortable but I thing it’s BS. No man should want to have sex every day and go through all of that to do it. He just completely disregards my right to choose by asking all of these questions about why I won’t have sex and now he wants to see a counselor but I’m just about done. I think it’s best if I just go see a divorce lawyer or should I report him to the police?


sex addict husband

Isn’t this the kind of husband most women pray to have??? This life sha! fingers are not equal.