World’s Tallest Teenage Girl, Brazilian Elisany Silva Finds Love

world's tallest teenager girl

Dec 24, 2012 – World’s Tallest Teenage Girl, Brazilian Elisany Silva Finds Love

Meet World’s tallest teenage girl, a Brazilian by the name of Elisany Silva.

At height 6ft 9inches, the 17-year-old Brazilian teenager by the name of Elisany da Cruz Silva walked side by side with her 22-year-old boyfriend Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, who has to stretch his whole body in order to get a kiss from his giant girlfriend.

Elisany Silva battles a rare form of gigantism because of a growing tumour within her pituitary gland. Elisany grew quicker than her 7 other siblings. At the age of 14, she hits height 6ft 9in. Due to her rapid growth, she is currently battling pain in her joints and limbs.

2 years back, doctors removed the affected gland which made her to shrink by an inch. Because of her height, she find it hard to fit on school bus so she had to quit due to constant teasing from her classmates.

Elizany who plans to be a model is really happy now that she is in love with Francinaldo but not without recounting; “The only thing that basically impacts us is whenever we spend time holding hands – it seems like he is my little brother or son.”

[Image credit: Landov Media]