Worship God And Not Mary: A Message To Roman Catholic Faithfuls By Ann Okafor

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April 23, 2016 – Worship God Not Mary! Be Careful How You Honour Mary Because Worship Is Meant For God Alone – Ann Okafor

Why Do Roman Catholics Worship Mary More Than Jesus Christ – Ann Okafor

Worship God not Mary! Honour God but be careful how you honour Mary. She is a lucky woman to be chosen and prepared so every Christian call her a blessed woman but real Christians do not bow down/knee before her instead of God. Real Christians follow the words of Christ that worship is for God almighty alone.

Real Christians follow the word of God not to make images of anything in heaven nor earth for worship be use that would amount to idolatry. God knows the temptation of men not to worship him but the object in front of them.

So Catholics stop getting your foundations wrong. Structure your way of practicing the doctrine. God is the ultimate and comes first. You even go as far as having the Joseph club worshippers. Only Hindus, Buddhist, Arabians, Satanists etc use beads for worship. The history of that demonic practice goes far back in the early days of the world.

Come out of storage doctrines and influences. Keep away from incantational chants, they only invite demonic presence into your life. God revealed something to me through the eyes of a huge plastic Mary status a mother placed in the living room to protect her sleeping child. I saw the demon and its intentions. It wasn’t a vision I was expecting. Believe me, it is good to honour Mary but do not replace God almighty with her.

Jesus Christ is the one and only way to God almighty, that’s why he alone was found Worthy amongst the sons of God to pay the price of your salvation by becoming man through the womb of a chosen virgin to carry the pregnancy.

Imagine Christ came in this modern times, how will you still worship when he would have still said ‘Worship belongs to God Almighty only’. We worship Christ because he is the son of God, one and same with the father. He is the blood that connects and links you to God. He was there when God created the word because he is the word of God.

There is so much I want to say but don’t want to sound imposing. Christianity isn’t about condemnation but correction, and it is not too late to mend our ways and follow the true scripture of Christ, the son of God, light of the world, the word of God.

Never bow before an image and reverence it in worship form not trance because no one has yet seen the face of God nor deserves worship besides God. Worshiping and honouring are two different things, throw away every idol and worship the true God from your hearts.

The ways of the church has long been corrupted since the Roman era when the Sabbath was moved to Sunday against the word of God, but the new testament and the mercy of God is upon all Christians regardless of their domination as long as they worship God in truth and in spirit, with pure hearts and not bow down to worship any other object, thing, spirit, nor being besides God almighty. In the name of Jesus Christ every demonic spirit bow down to God.

Pray for the spirit of discernment so you don’t corrupt your faith in the spirit of over zealousness. Insults, abuses and loud shouting does not change the truth no matter what. Hold your bible close, study it, don’t let any priest nor pastor limit your study of the word of God to a couple of passages.

When you take out time to dedicatedly study the whole word in private without demonic nor brainwashing influences, and listen to the spirit of God inside of you with sincerity, you will break away from whatever wrong path you innocently set on in the name of traditions and man made laws.

God bless us all and bring us all back to the path of truth. True Christians do not bear insults nor mockery towards other Christians, they try to bring the lost back to the right path with love. Let the spirit of God take control and speak through us as we open our mouth to respond to religion matter. God’s opinion is infinite and divine, ours…dust so let us be cautious with our utterance else we grief the spirit of God.

Salvation is personal and until you slay your Goliath of doubt and lambs to the slaughter doctrines, you might never break free. But on the last day Christ will call out his genuine disciples from every domination.

So let us worship God with a pure heart and be like Christ. No amount of chants can save a sinner from hell if he does with his sin. This is the devil’s strategy to still lead into hell.

Stand firm and wary of the devices of the devil.

Oh brothers and sisters let us turn from our sin and worship God the right way.

[A Message To Catholic Faithfuls By Ann Okafor]