Yoruba Actor Chief Kanran: The Day My Car Broke Down On The Road

chief kanran car broke down

July 30, 2016 – Yoruba Actor Segun Remi Chief Kanran: The Day My Car Broke Down On The Road

My most embarrassing moment by Chief Kanran

Fans always demand money from me whenever they see me on the streets. Two years ago, when I visited the Ladipo market in Lagos with my mechanic to get square parts for my car, some boys held us to ransom. About 100 of them, they had tattoos drawn all over their body and were fully armed.

I felt so bad and I wondered why celebrities had to face such. They later collected N50, 000 from me before we were allowed to go, the money I planned to use to get something at the market. Nothing we can do; we either settle them or beg because they have nothing to lose. Even when you give them a certain amount of money, they make more demands.

Also, there was a particular day that my car broke down on the road. While I was trying to fix it, some school students who knew me started singing my song to taunt me. It was really embarrassing, but such is life.