Yoruba Speaking American Actor Kayode Oyinbo, Kevin Barry Stars In Saheed Balogun’s You & I Movie

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May 26, 2013 – Kevin Barry Aka Kayode Oyinbo, American Actor Stars In Yoruba Movie By Saheed Balogun

Yoruba Speaking American Actor Kayode Oyinbo, Kevin Barry Stars In Saheed Balogun’s You & I Movie

Do you guys remember the story of Kayode Oyinbo, an American man who spent close to a year in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria a while back? To learn more about him, click here

You and I is an upcoming Yoruba movie by Saheed Balogun. The movie tells the story of love, marriage and the catastrophic effects of divorce. The story is woven in very powerful narratives and playing lead is American actor Kevin Barry who is predicted to hold viewers spellbound as he delivers his lines throughout the movie entirely in Yoruba language.

saidi balogun in americaSaheed Balogun in the middle.

Kevin Barry said he met Saheed Balogun at an event in America, and that’s where they established a relationship.

It took a couple of months and then he asked if I would do this movie with him. I looked at the scripts very carefully and assured myself that it’s going to be a very good movie.’ – said Kevin

Kevin Barry plays Kayode in this movie and Saidi informed that the film asks a most vital question, who is responsible for a break down in marriage.“What makes marriage?” He asks “Is it gender? Is it age? Is it good looks? Personality? What makes a marriage and what breaks a marriage? What can keep your house?”

According to him, “It’s the lesson in this movie; we have a lot of broken homes and I am a living example. What can keep our home? We should watch it and learn from it”

Saheed Balogun and his former wife, Nollywood actress Fathia Balogun who got involved in a messy divorce years back have both moved on.

The Yoruba speaking American man has a natural flair for Yoruba culture.

He has been spotted with several Yoruba entertainers in the past one of which is popular gospel singer Yinka Ayefele.

Kayode Oyinbo spotted with Yinka Ayefele