Yorubas & The Entire Nigeria Will One Day Thank Tinubu For Bringing Buhari To Fight Corruption

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January 27, 2016 – Yorubas & The Entire Nigeria Will One day Appreciate Tinubu For Bringing Buhari To Rescue Us From Corruption 

I was never a fan of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu until he helped to usher in President Buhari after sixteen years of PDP disastrous admistrations.

For that alone, I will forever appreciate JAGABAN his role in this regard. Chief Tinubu was a successful governor of the richest and most accommodating state in Nigeria for eight years, after which he paved way to the best governor ever in Lagos state history-Raji Fashola.

It is true that Tinubu might have enriched himself with some money as Lagos state chief, which I believed is wrong and fraudulent for aNY politician but he never served as minister, commissioner, federal government official nor hold any federal positions.

I’m not saying that is proper for anyone to loot or steal money from state, local and federal accounts. Tinubu has advance the course of Yorubas and helped in the economy,social, and political development of the Southwest region and Nigeria at large than any known Yoruba politician except great Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo.

Take for example criminal Obasanjo, OBJ remain a national disaster and a total disgrace to the yoruba people and Nigeria as a whole.

Why? He has nothing to show for been the head of state and president for eight years except chaos, election fraud, embezzlement, and handling of power to the dumbest president ever-Badluck Jonathan.

Jonathan admistration gave AIT N2.1 billions to destroy Tinubu before the general election but failed.

Criminal Jonathan spent defense budget and paid Thisdays Newspaper boss another N1.1 billion to destroy Tinubu image but failed totally.

Yoruba race and the entire nation will one day appreciate Chief Tinubu for his great effort to usher in PMB as Nigerian President in the most critical times.

With time, our brothers and sisters in the Southeast and southsouth region will later thank God for that great president at the end of his first term in office after they might have seen stable electricity supply, their roads and bridges fully repaired with new infrastructures.

Take it or leave, I will forever appreciate Chief Tinubu for been on the right side of history at the most critical time in Nigerian history. Others that worked so hard for PMB victory are great Nigerian people from the six regions, Gov. Rotimi Amaechi, Gov. RAJI FASHOLA, Rev. Father Mbaka, Gov. Rochas Okorocha, Gov. Adams Oshimole, Chief Oyegun, and many more.

With Tinubu’s help and his great influence among the Yorubas, Nigeria was rescued from six years of massive looting, embezzlement, mismanagement, mass killing of innocent people because the defense budget was looted, and from gross corruption like never before seen in Nigerian history.

Can someone tell me what becomes of Nigeria if Tinubu had align himself with that dumb and low IQ Jonathan? The answer is total collapse of Nigeria economy, shattered national security, serious hardship, and national disaster because of the falling price of crude oil.

With divine intervention, those great Nigerians rescued our beloved nation from the brink of total collapse.

PMB inherited the worse situation as president in Nigerian history, and it will take time,money, great effort and patience to rebuild shattered Nigeria.

[Omokehinde writes from Lagos]