2 Dismissed Police Officers Driving Danfo Bus Arrested In Badagry Lagos For Collecting Bribe

dismissed police officers driving danfo bus

August 31, 2016 – 2 Dismissed Policemen Driving Danfo Bus Arrested In Badagry Lagos For Collecting Bribe From Motorists

The Police say they have arrested two dismissed policemen in Lagos for using police uniforms to harass and extort money from innocent Nigerians.

SP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the spokesperson for Police Zone 2 Command, said in a statement that the suspects were arrested in police uniforms while driving a commercial bus on Badagry expressway.

“Police X-Squad operatives arrested a 46-year-old man at Abule Ado Bus-Stop along Badagry Expressway while driving a commercial bus with Reg. No. XC 755 LSR in police uniform on Aug. 27.
“He has confessed to have been dismissed from the Nigeria Police since 2010.

“Also, the same team arrested a 35-year-old man on Aug. 28 at the Trade Fair Complex, Lagos, putting on complete mobile police uniform while performing illegal police duties.

“Police investigation so far revealed that he had been dismissed since 2015 for disciplinary offences.
“Items recovered from them included police uniforms, police accouterments, police ID cards, piles of petitions and statement forms, letterheads and some other incriminating documents,” Adejobi said.

He said that the two suspects would be charged for impersonation and unlawful possession of Police accouterments.


9 thoughts on “2 Dismissed Police Officers Driving Danfo Bus Arrested In Badagry Lagos For Collecting Bribe

  1. One thing is clear: You can‘t take police out of bribe neither can you take bribe out of police.

    I take a stroll…

    • D Hunter, I am say weldon to this thing wey you are say. You are dey wise. Was you smoke igbo today? Is only igbo weyris make persin to dey wise like this. Police is fool with bribeness and bribeness is fool with police. Is a thing of into you and into me. The intolity is two and is not posibul to remove from.

  2. It still de hungry dem to be police. The use of uniforms after dismissal from force is to avoid payment of tolls to police while they drive their commercial vehicles…… You know, esprit de corps …. Etc. let them be harrassed by the police so they experience how ordinary bus drivers feel when they face all manner of harassment every moment from uniformed men. The measure they used for others is now used for them.
    Policemen turned police impersonators, enjoy your payback time a beg !!!

  3. Well good for them. Everything crime must expire on a certain day . Am thinking of the beating that will be given to them when thrown in jail and those that know them in uniform see them in there without the uniform and gun.Have fun in there guys.

    Crime doesn’t pay.

  4. how will dey allow dismissed police officer to still posses uniform it shows the level of cluelessness govt are suffering from.
    #clueless human

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