2 IPOB Members Arrested Over Murder Of 4 Hausas In Asaba As Police Declares “Last Burial” Wanted

Protesting IPOB members

September 16, 2017 – 2 IPOB Members Who Murdered 4 Hausas In Asaba Delta State Arrested As Police Declares “Last Burial” Wanted

Police in Delta state today confirmed the arrest of two suspected members of IPOB for the murder of 4 Hausas in Asaba Delta state on Friday.

The suspects identified as 24-year-old Abraham Ndudi and 21-year-old Okereke Ifeanyi were arrested this morning as police declared the third suspect simply identified as “Last Burial” wanted.

This was made known to newsmen by Delta state Police image maker DSP Andrew Aniamaka.

6 thoughts on “2 IPOB Members Arrested Over Murder Of 4 Hausas In Asaba As Police Declares “Last Burial” Wanted

  1. these are terrorists hersdmen that have been kelling farmers in benue and asaba, and more like them will be killed unless they leave biafra land. and they should also leave with their terrorists gang operating with police and army uniform.

  2. b4 ipob came armrobbers,evil people have been harrasing life out of people,if some terrible thing happen now they heap it on ipod head so that govt will term them terrorists why! bomb or no bomb in asaba na lie.

  3. IPOB is an hate and tribalist group from the Southeastthat that should be labelled a terrorist group among community of nations like the Boko Haram in the Northeast. Those two militant groups are bringing destruction to innocent people in their various regions, burning down police stations, killing military and police officers, attacking people in churches and the two groups are driven by tribalism, hatred, revenge, domination, and violence. IPOB activities if not stop now by an act of force or negotiation with Igbo youths and elders will eventually bring massive destruction and economic ruin to Igbos living by themselves in that region like Boko Haram did to Northeast. Kanu Nnamdi should be arrest immediately and send to maximum prison without trial for the rest of PMB administration and the next admn. This will prevent future bloodbath in the region, stop his armed militants and peace will once again reign in Igboland. Shame on those supporting that moron called Kanu.

  4. Shout up omokehinde and Grace, Grace your own Igbo is the type of Judas, am an Igbo but I don’t want to belong to Nigeria which dose not recognise Ndigbo,I want Biafra today tomorrow, Grace you relocate to Hausa land or Yoruba land, demanding for freedom is not a crime.

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